Be a part of a Grow Group!
What is a Grow Group?
A close community of people working to CARE, CONNECT, GROW and SERVE Christ together.
Why is a Grow Group Important? 
Care = praying for one another, attendance and mentoring. 
Connect = fellowship, accountability, involvement and mentoring. 
Grow = faithfulness, daily devotion, discipline in life. 
Serve = Co-teach, serve our church, serve our community and serve our future generations.
How do you become a part of a Grow Group? 
Show up. 
Sunday Mornings
LC3 Teens Deep Dive
with Kristen Treece
Prayer Partner Circle: 9am 
with Jim Heffelfinger
Going Deeper: 9:45am 
with Scott Cline & Jim Heffelfinger
Family Life: 9:45am 
with Andy & Bethany Treece
LC3 Teen Boys: 9:45am 
with Bill  Nance
LC3 Teen Girls: 9:45am 
with Dawn Carothers
Children’s Sunday Grow Groups
Nursery: beginning at 8am 
Birth – Pre-K
Sunday School, K – 2nd Grade: 9:45am
Sunday School, 3rd – 5th Grade: 9:45am
Junior Church, K – 5th Grade: 10:45am
Wednesday Evenings
at 6:30pm 
Adult Grow Group
with Pastor PJ
Sunday Evenings
from 6pm-8pm
LC3 Teens Deep Dive
with Kristen Treece